Thursday, January 5, 2017

Molly Jean

We had to let my dear sweet Molly Jean cross the Rainbow Bridge Monday. What a way to start the year. This is my second fur baby to cross since July when Katie passed from that brain aneurysm so suddenly. My heart is so broken over the loss. 

Molly Jean was 18. She was born profoundly deaf. She started having issues with cataracts. She started falling a lot because her hips ended up with arthritis and dysplasia. She apparently lost all of the vision in one eye and was about to lose the vision in her other eye. 

In the weekend prior to having to let her go, she did stop eating. I had to hand feed her. She just lost all interest in food. She did try though. For me. 

She faded. And by that, I mean she had basically left her body and she was just a shell. 

Sunday night I cupped her chin and forced her to face me. And I told her that I love her and will miss her. As best as I could. And during that moment, she touched her name to my nose and I knew that she understood me. 

I fought with the decision most of Monday morning. But when my mom got back from a quick errand, I said it was time. I apologized to my mom and helped her load Molly Jean into what would be her last car ride. 

Mom said Molly Jean wanted to leave the vet's office with her when she left to return home. This was probably the saddest thing to hear. 

As much as it pains me, Molly Jean did cross peacefully. And she will no longer be in any pain. And I hope that she finally gets to hear the birds singing. But I know Molly Jean passed peacefully because there was no middle of the night visit from her like there was with Peaches and then with Katie. 

So to my dear Molly Jean, you will be missed. And you left a huge imprint on my heart. You were loved in a huge way. Oh, and don't worry. We will give the new dog Buddy Glow Ball when we have the new dog. It just might not be for a few months. 

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