Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Prayer for This Election Day

God, Today is the primaries in a lot of state, and God, as I go in myself to choose the proper candidate on the democrat side (I am now officially denoting myself as a democrat due to the hatred and oppression I have observed from republicans), help me to choose those candidates who will fight for every human being alive today. Be it access to healthcare which so many republican governors have blocked or disability issues, today is vital not only for me but for those who may be unable to vote for themselves. One thing my disabilities did for me was open my eyes that the reason I vote goes beyond not agreeing with abortion. God, I am so sorry I never thought of that before these last few years. I ask for forgiveness for my own part in allowing some of these hateful people into positions of power. I pray through Matthew 25:31-46 and Romans 13:1-7 entering this election today. And may I always pray through it when Election Day comes around. Dear republican reading this, I urge you to open your Bible and to read those two passages. Then I urge you to ask yourself the following: Do I speak ill of the president we currently have? Do I talk down on people who are on SNAP (food stamps), TANF (welfare), SSI/SSDI (disability), SS (elderly), Medicaid (disabled and children), Medicare (elderly and veterans), and minimum wage? Look your words can either support your actions or they can contradict your actions. But if you are a Christian, your words should line up with your actions. And how you act on social media is just as important as how you act off of social media. Anymore, social media is likely the first thing people will judge or misjudge you by. And if what you say and do on social media is out of line, it could negatively affect your witness and testimony. Why should I believe that you are a Christian when you do the things I encourage you to ask yourself? Christians (no, Trump is not a Christian) are known by their fruit. Is the fruit good or bad? If the fruit attracts someone to God, then it is good. If the fruit repeals someone from God, then it is bad. And bad fruit must be separated from good fruit or else all the fruit goes bad. God, today, I pray hard. Really hard. Today is one of the tests of life kind of days. Today can influence how Election Day in November will look. Oh, and I pray that the weather will not be bad enough to be a deterrent. We cannot complain if we don't vote. And even then, we have to put it all in Your sovereign hands. You know my needs. May those needs be fulfilled today. Thank You God. In Jesus' Name, Amen!