Thursday, January 5, 2017


Oh precious Evie. Your inquisitive nature and expressive eyes and face! Yesterday you went for your weight check. Because the veterinarian no longer can tell us what your normal weight should be. You are barely even at 8 months based on your marked birth date yet you already 8.3 pounds! You love the old bears from Katie and you love your cat tree that we had to buy because somehow in less than one week in the house, you managed to get into a window that was 40 inches from the floor! You are trying to get to the light switch. You keep throwing your favorite toys in the water which has led to the window sill in my room being affectionately named the infirmary. You have a tortitude. Sweet one minute and mean the next. You are learning patience. You are in your first diet to maintain your weight. You are tall. Tall enough that we either need to get a bigger carrier or work hard to train you with a walking harness. When we out the harness on you now, you look at it and plop over. 

Evie, you are named after Evie from Disney Descendants because I love all things Disney and love that film. And boy are you living up to your name! Evie, daughter of the evil queen in the film. Evie, devil in disguise of cute kitten. Haha. 

You love the fish game on the iPad. You bite when you're tired. And you are the first cat I have had that will eat fish. So I no longer have to sit there and read every ingredient of the food to make sure there is no fish in it. You also are allergic to your vaccines and have to get Benadryl shot when you get your vaccines. You can only get two instead of four at a time. But you are not my first cat to go through that. You are a healthy little kitten. 

And you are greatly loved! 

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