Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Jar Project

What is this jar project I keep mentioning?

Well, let me say this: Mason jars are great multiuse objects. Look at Pinterest if you don't believe me.

I got the idea from something else.

I have two jars. One is a personal milestone jar and the other is for my friend Tom.

Rule 1: Write at least ONE positive thing every day! This be scripture verses, milestones, compliments, anything. Today it was that there is excitement over a new baby for me and Tom is a papa again. And I put a date on it. I don't always date them though.

Rule 2: Never take the slips out of the jar even at the risk of the same thing going in more than once. I broke rule 2 the other day when some words were exchanged and I misunderstood the words that were said. Tom only said it out of frustration. We both are clearly going to challenge each other quite a bit as we transition and grow into a more natural friendship. But that's part of growing! And growing we are! But I was so hurt, I actually dumped his jar into a paper sack while I was crying. The good news is that the next moment I celebrated forgiving him by putting the slips back in his jar.

Let me explain one of the purposes of the jars, the main purpose: To serve as a visual aid to help me develop a new habit: thinking more positively! ABA works! YAY!!

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