Monday, January 21, 2013

I Have a Dream

So as the nation reflects upon the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I want to say that we are still not all treated as equal.

Equality extends beyond race. Equality also extends to ability (disabled people, and non-disabled people).

In the past few years, an important law was passed, called the Affordable Care Act. This law ends unlawful discrimination against people who have "pre-existing conditions." It ended people being dropped from insurance because they got sick. It was an important step in truly equalizing access to healthcare for all citizens. Yet there are those who oppose the measure. The thing I have observed though? The majority of those who oppose the measure are offended that they will be taxed for not having insurance. To me, it is reasonable to tax them for CHOOSING NOT to get insured while they are healthy and might not NEED it. After all, those of us who are insured have been paying for their care when they have an emergency as well as our own care. The uninsured tend to be the biggest "drain" in the healthcare industry. Also, the opposition hurts those who have "pre-existing conditions" because of the principles outlined in Matthew 25 regarding the least of these.

Let's bring that to modern day. Jesus is a man and He gets sick. Do we treat Him or do we say, "oops, sorry, no insurance, forget it?" Or treat Him and then stick Him with a bill for $50,000 because He couldn't get insurance because He was born with a heart condition that He didn't know about until it acted up and He needed treatment? Because that's what has been happening.

If we were to assume that how we treat others equates to how we treat Jesus, how much would life change for everyone?

Dr. King had a great dream. And so do I. And we are definitely not done yet. Until EVERY person is treated equally. His words still ring true today.

And so do the Words of God.

Let us not forget,

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  1. I also have a dream that one day, special needs adults and children will be fully included in church and community with full and equal access to resources and services!