Saturday, January 5, 2013

Flulike Bugs and God's Design

So, here I am with a flulike bug. It is wreaking havoc on my gut! But the good news? The fever is down. For now. But it also means I cannot attend church this weekend. But I see Psalm 139:14 at work now. God so intricately wove every last component of my deficient immune system together that my body is working hard to fight this infection. And that's what's important.

Dear God, if you would, I first ask that You help me feel better soon! And second, please bring Tom's granddaughter, baby Winnie, into the world without them needing to do any procedures. She's due tomorrow, but even if she's just one day late, it's okay, but everyone is waiting for her arrival. And keep Tom safe and calm as he readies to travel to see the beautiful little baby You have been perfecting and allow him and lady Diana to be reunited soon. Give his daughter patience and comfort as she awaits her miracle and prepare the family for the many changes they face this year. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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