Thursday, April 16, 2015

God Is Calling You to a Life of Thanksgiving

Isaiah 6:3 - And one called to another and said: "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory!" 

II Corinthians 5:6-7 - So we are always of good courage. We know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight.

I Thessalonians 5:18 - ...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Dear God, thank You. Thank You for the doctors who take such good care of me when I am sick. Thank You for the people that help the doctors to take care of me. Thank You for the pharmacists who put my medicines together. Thank You for the scientists who created those medicines. Thank You for the people at the stores where I get food and medicine. Thank You for the people who serve our needs. If Your will is for the minimum wage to go up, then let it be so. Many people are fighting for the living wage now. Everyone from food service to college professors to healthcare workers. Many others speak hatefully and arrogantly against them. Of course, the ones who are doing that must not have challenging enough jobs since they have time to be on Facebook downing them. God, I am fighting some kind of infection right now. The medicine feels horrible and clogs my nose. It feels slimy. Please help it do its job though and help me feel better so I won't feel like the air burns when I breathe anymore. Thank You that it wasn't a heart infection which would have been very bad. My oncologist felt comfortable enough to allow me three months between visits with infusions continuing in between. I will get my iron level next week when I get my infusion. Please help it stay at whatever level it now is. Thank You. For everything. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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