Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Second Month Days 9 Through 12

God is a treasure we are to hunt, but the journey will not be easy. (Dear God, let me not forget that You are the greatest treasure of all. Yes, finances are important, but they are not as important as You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.)

Remember Mary and Martha? Mary sat at the feet of Jesus listening to Him and enjoying His presence while Martha was all busy busy busy! But Martha got scolded. What are you doing that causes you to be so busy? Are you so busy that you barely have time for God let alone for yourself, your family, your friends? Stop. Make time for God and He will reward you and make your time less busy and more productive. (Dear God, I pray that my friend Tom will be able to have time to not be busy, but to be productive and to have time to just stop and enjoy You, his family and his friends (including me) who can encourage him and be a breath of fresh air for him during this busy time this week. In Jesus' Name, Amen.)

Are you having a dark time? Look closely! God's peace is a light that breaks through that darkness! Take courage!

God knows your every thought and your thoughts are precious to Him! That nice new car or those nice shiny blingy-blings will not make you as happy as the commercials say. Only God can fulfill that innermost longing.

Dear God, we are living in a me-me-me world that says if we want to be happy we need to look a certain way, do a certain thing, drive a certain car, be some mathematical or creative genius, like a certain thing, etc. But until we delight in You, we will never be fully content. I am guilty of this. Sometimes I place more value on certain people than I do on You. Sometimes I let people try to change me into something I am not, someone You didn't create me to be. And it frustrates me. You created me perfectly in design even though in nature, I am but a broken reflection of You. I'm sorry that I sometimes idolize my friends, particularly Tom. I still love him and still hold a high value of him, but he should not be more valuable than You. And I thank You that he is teaching me that as he also is teaching me about true friendship. It's definitely a struggle! But I take more comfort as I am learning to rest in You. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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