Saturday, February 2, 2013

Second Month Days 1 and 2

Do you have a mountain in your life right now? You might not be able to see around it. You can't see over it. It looks like an obstacle. Don't focus on the mountain. Focus on where your feet are landing now. God might take the mountain out of your path. And if He doesn't, He will help you climb the mountain. His angels will help protect you. (Psalm 91:11-12)

Where are your thoughts today? Have they started wandering? Maybe you're worried about the day ahead or even the week ahead? Maybe you're even worried about your friends and feeling like an outcast. Focus on God. He is there. Even in the small things. Do you hear a bird singing, a baby cooing? Do you see a friend's smile, a rainbow, a snowflake? Do you feel safe and secure, peace? God is in those things. He has you on His mind today and wants you to have Him on your mind as well.

Dear God, I see a mountain and I am scared, but thank You for leading me, one step at a time, on the path where You want me to be. Help me to remember and to see Your face in the big and small ways. The day I feel alone and I suddenly hear the quacking of my phone and see Tom's name on the screen and hear his voice reassuring me of a friendship that is starting to grow? Help me to remember that You orchestrated that. Help me to remember Your presence when the storm passes over and my family is safe from harm. Help me in the renewing of my mind. When the rest of the world is trying to tear people down by saying such spiteful and arrogant things about others (like the current president or like the law enforcement trying to rescue that little boy in south Alabama), help to remember You and to not lash out at those saying the things, but to remember instead that Your hand is in the current events of the day. Change my mind and change my heart. Renew my spirit. Right now I am sad because I haven't seen Tom in so long. And I worry about being forgotten. But help me to know and to trust that we will see each other again soon when his schedule clears up a little bit more an to trust that we are still friends regardless. Help me in that process to remember You when I see the tiny flower peeking through or the ray of sunshine poking through the clouds. Thank You for Your work that You are already doing in me as I blog my adventures in what I am learning through the help of Jesus Calling Kids and Teen. It is just one of the many ways You help me to refocus on You. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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