Saturday, February 9, 2013

Second Month Days 5 Through 8

There will always be something that you will worry about: a big test, a new job, a big move, friends, family, health, money, weather, etc. But worrying can make you even more afraid and anxious. You can choose to worry or choose to trust God. In exchange for your worry, God will give you peace. So what are you worried about today?

Are you tired and weary? Go to Jesus. He will give you rest. Lift your hands in prayer to God and rest in His presence and His peace.

Pay attention to God and His direction for you. It won't be easy because there will be distractions: kids, pets, television, friends, telephone, Internet, etc. The devil will work to distract you from your focus on God. Does it seem like nothing is going right for you? God will use it for good. God is in control.

Are you in the middle of a storm in your life? Refocus. Look beyond the storm. Look to Jesus. And reach out in trust as you say, "Help me, Jesus!" Let Him pull you through the storm.

Dear God, help me! Help me feel Your calm peace. Even now as I have so many worries: doctors, finances, Tom, other friends, church-help me Jesus. I don't know all You have planned for me right now. Help me to feel rest and peace as I trust You more and more each day to work everything for my good. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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