Monday, February 4, 2013

A Simple Prayer

Dear God,

Bless my friend Tom as he prepares for an upcoming missions conference. Help him stay sane and get some rest. Help him get some breaks in the chaos even if just a few minutes at a time. Help me to continue to trust that he will still be there and won't forget me.

Please God, my family is in a financial crunch. Help us make ends meet, afford medicine, utilities, doctors, lab tests, food, therapy, and transportation. Give us peace and rest as we still battle for answers to why I keep getting sick. We may be having to have a bone marrow biopsy this year. Help me stay calm in Your strength as we gear up for this possibility.

There are others who are worse off even than my family even though I may not anyone personally. Help me to remember that when I feel disgruntled and want to complain.

Thank You God for Jesus. Thank You for loving the unlovable enough to show grace when we really did nothing to deserve that.

In Jesus' Name,

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