Friday, February 22, 2013


Now why would I have such a title on this blog? Because I have to work through some hard emotions. So this is my way of doing that.

Dear zombie,

My friend, if he still is my friend, well, he has not been very trustworthy lately. He made a promise that was overheard this week and he broke it. But he did not just break his promise, he broke my heart and my spirit. And instead of facing conflict, he brushes it off as being nothing. I feel hurt.

So zombie, I hear you are needing food. Please go eat whatever parts you need from my friend. Because if he broke me then he deserves to be broken too. Then after you do that come find me and eat what you need. Because after you eat the people, they become zombies. So if both Tom and I are zombies, we will finally be the same and there will be no more autism and we have to both respect and honor each other the exact same because we are the same.

Thank you zombie.


SE Spann

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