Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey God, It's Me, Susan. A theological look at Robin Williams' Death.

So many questions. Questions galore. Was Robin Williams a Christian? Did he have sincere faith in You, God? I hope so. But I am now angry. People on Facebook keep claiming Christians will not go to heaven if they sin before they die. Well, keep on believing that I guess because I am tired of arguing. If Robin Williams was a Christian, I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is now resting with You, God in a state of eternal peace and comfort. If he wasn't, well, I am not going to venture into that because it is my job as a Christian to HOPE that he was. I did do some research this morning though. I looked up whether suicide was unforgivable. The article I found said it wasn't. Matter of fact, it even said that if a man sins and dies of a heart attack but didn't have a chance to say he was sorry, he will still go to heaven as long he was a Christian. That man that said otherwise, is wrong. His theology is wrong. And for the sake of his theology, I hope he doesn't end up in an argument with his wife before he dies or based on his theology, he will be going to hell. I am going to choose to believe the best. God, we are not able to see a another's heart. And we should never put ourselves into the position of condemning someone to hell unless they are absolutely not following Your Word. NEVER. No one knows for sure what the unforgivable sin is, but if we have to ask what it is, then not one of us has come close to committing it. The fact that we even ask what it is means that we are thinking and we are being diligent to not commit it, though from what I learned, a true Christian can never commit it because the Spirit will restrain us from doing so. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Robin and all the costars who consider him a friend. My heart goes out to Zelda who was cyberbullied in the aftermath. She does not deserve that. My heart goes out to Jeff Bridges who plays in The Giver and got so choked up when he asked his thoughts about the news of the death. My heart goes out to Koko who although she is a gorilla feels loss over him as well. My heart goes out to the kids battling cancer that he touched. My heart goes out to the entire world, including me, who have all been impacted by him. God, I miss Genie. And if he is in heaven with You, make sure You give him a giant hug from all of us on earth who have been made a little happier because of his talents. Thank You, God. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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