Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chad Mathis Is a Hypocritical Bigot

He used to my orthopedist, but get this, one day, I called because of a sprained ankle that needed to be looked at, and his office just up and never returned the call. He committed abandonment of a patient. Just like that. No letter. Nothing. I was left scrambling for a new orthopedist. And I found one that was far better. But get this, Chad Mathis now wants to run for Congress. And you would think that being a doctor, he would want patients to have healthcare. But he doesn't. He wants to repeal the ACA. No alternative and viable solutions. And get this. It turns out that he is a bigot too by the true definition of what a bigot is. He has intolerance for opposing viewpoints. Yes, you read that correctly. I called him out for his beliefs on the ACA and I got blocked from being able to comment further. He just suppressed my First Amendment rights to express my opinion, even one that is different from his own. Wow. So here is photographic evidence of what I just experienced.

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