Friday, March 7, 2014

Updated: Calling All Christians, a Baby in the Faith and One of the Least of These Needs Your Help!

So it was learned and revealed to me in no uncertain terms that this person:

is running this FAKE page:

which is STILL harassing me over at the following page:

I am not the only one who has been harassed and he is not the only one who has harassed and bullied me. Many of the harassers have been blocked by many people, including me, for a variety of reasons. But they hate it so much they created FAKE pages so they can continue to bully and harass people.

And why? Because people are finally getting coverage for their healthcare? Because Jesus apparently would not deny anyone access to healthcare if they needed it? And because they are a group of extremists that make Christians look bad? 

So yes, I am running this post on this blog since it does get a lot of hits. And if the suspect comments, it will be another nail hit on the head. Also, because this blog gets more hits than my other blogs due to more activity, someone out there might be able to step in and intervene. 


I have not posted, commented, or liked anything on the page. And I have intentionally done that with expectation that the guy running the fake page would get bored and leave me alone. But here is a screen shot of what was posted:

And on this screen shot you can see some of the other FAKE pages that blocked people set up with the sole intent of harassing and bullying people. With any luck, he will be the one that is in whatever facility he thinks I am in. Because this is beyond disgusting! 

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