Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Love Christmas, But Not This Early

Christmas is not here yet, but the stores have yet again concocted HallowThanksMas. Let me explain. There are two times of year when holidays get jumbled by commercialism. The first is Valentine's Day/St. Patrick's Day/Easter. I still have not forgotten the green stuffed Easter bunny around Valentine's one year. The second is now dubbed HallowThanksMas which is when you see Christmas stuff for sale or on display or hear Christmas music before Halloween. I have a rule. I never listen to Christmas music until after November 15. This satisfies both my birthday and Veteran's Day which is now a seemingly lost holiday as many places are now open. And it still gets me in the mood for handling Black Friday or Black Thanksgiving sales if I need to go to any. I keep praying for the year I don't need to go to any. But I have a snow globe tradition with JCPenney, so no. I love Halloween. An excuse to wear a costume that my mom usually makes or remakes. Why not? And who says Christians cannot celebrate? Use it wisely though. Anyway, the history makes it less offensive than it really sounds. Boy, I do miss that show So Weird! I like Thanksgiving. One turkey and so many meals. Freeze it to make it last. As family has dwindled in size, it has become less nice though. And I LOVE Christmas, though one of its origins is not necessarily so great. Ah, Christmas. But seriously, when stores and radio stations start Christmas before Halloween, I have an issue. On one side of the aisle you find Halloween decorations and on the other side Christmas. Hey, wait, there is a holiday between them, right? Right? Right! At least spare me the sights and sounds of Christmas until after the official tree lighting ceremony. It used to be the Macy's Thanksgiving parade ushered in Christmas. Not any more. And I am now thoroughly pooped out on Christmas before it even gets here. Welcome HallowThanksMas now please go away so we can have out separate holidays again!

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