Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Puzzle Pieces (Online Debut)

Puzzle Pieces 
By Susan Elizabeth Spann

Life is a puzzle.
A giant puzzle.
We see the picture on the box.
We put each piece in place.
Sometimes it is painstaking.
But when it is complete, we go ooh and aah.
We completed a masterpiece.
We are proud.
Sometimes we take it apart and do it again later.
Other times, we glue it together so we can always admire it.

Life is a puzzle.
And we are the pieces.
When you put the puzzle together, you need every piece.
If even one piece is missing, you go crazy looking for it.
Every piece is vital, crucial, necessary.
Without every piece the puzzle is incomplete.

Each person is a piece in the giant puzzle of life.
Each person is uniquely designed to fit with everyone else.
No one piece is more or less important than another.
That is how life is though.
We are all a part of the puzzle.
The puzzle of life.

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