Sunday, June 1, 2014

Working Through Matthew 25:31-46 Entering the Primaries

Where do the candidates stand in relation to the treatment of the least of these?

Focal question:

Does this candidate have the best interest of the sick in mind?

Alabama Congressional District 6

Scott Beason - Threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act. No. Also disrespects the president. Violation of Romans 13:1-7. 

Will Brooke - Used guns in an ad to show his opinion of the Affordable Care Act. No.Disrespect for the president in violation of Romans 13:1-7. Wants to oppose carbon rules. Great. So he wants to take healthcare from the sick and contribute to the pollution that makes people sick. 

Paul DeMarco - Claims to be a good Christian. States that he will fight against the president. Yet he is running for congress, a job which involves working WITH the president. Threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act. No. And his lack of respect for the president overall is a violation of Romans 13:1-7 as well. Threatens those who are disabled and elderly as well a s those who are poor and hungry. We all know the "cuts" lately have been targeted at the least of these.

Chad Mathis - Threatens to repeal the Affordable Care Act. No. Committed unethical abandonment of patient care. I was the victim. Personally have reason to be against him. And he is arrogant. A doctor who opposes helping those who are sick be able to get insurance that can help them afford healthcare? Bitter irony. Committed mudslinging right out of the gate. Wants to lower corporate taxes. That is the opposite of what needs to be done.

Gary Palmer - Have not heard much about him, but he also opposes the Affordable Care Act and fails to understand that as long as people can go directly through insurance companies to get insurance, free markets are still working. Threatens to "cut" spending which translates to more cuts for those who are disabled, veterans, poor, hungry, and elderly as well as college students. 

Robert Shattuck - Who? But I like his acknowledgement: "The premium subsidies under the Affordable Care Act are just taking effect and provide a significant benefit. Unemployment benefits can be extended. There are job training programs galore. More could be spent on education. Food stamps could be expanded." So let's see. Wants to help the sick? Yes. Wants to help the poor? Yes. Wants to help students? Yes. I may have found a good guy here who understands what his potential constituents are going through and will fight for them.

Tom Vigneulle - How do you even say his name? Haven't heard much about him either. 

Issue: Budget. 

What is their mindset regarding programs that help the least of these, or the poor? Consider that many elderly, disabled, and veterans fall into the category of poor as well.

Scott Beason - Does not seem to understand Social Security is not just about the elderly but also the disabled.

Will Brooke - Wants to privatize everything. This will not work.

Paul DeMarco - The only thing that makes sense about him is that he does think it is appropriate to stop payment to congressional members if both chambers do not approve a budget before the start of a fiscal year.

Chad Mathis - Well, based on his standing, the disabled, elderly, college students, veterans, and poor and hungry are all at risk again. He does not realize the painstaking efforts that agencies go through to reduce any fraud to start with and seems to think there is more fraud than what even exists. Less than 1 percent in all agencies. Typical tea party for you though. Cut the benefits from the hungry, cut them from the veterans, cut them from the disabled, cut them from the elderly, and cut them from the college students. 

Gary Palmer - Send spending programs back to states to avoid duplication. That fails to consider many states do rely on federal fudging for the federal programs that have been delegated to states. Definitely worse.

Robert Shattuck - No preset ideas. Which means he has a fresh approach.

Tom Vigneulle - Another privatize everything person. And wants to cut everything. 

Are they trying to buy their way in? All but Robert Shattuck. Which actually does make feel better about him even though his approach is a bit less conventional. Also he does not have any known endorsements (people or organizations buying him). This would actually mean a clean campaign overall when they head into the general election in November. 

Dear God, as we approach primaries this week, may we all make informed decisions in accordance with your words, not only in Matthew 25:31-46, but also in Romans 13:1-7, and in other passages where You talk about how our approach should be regarding money, helping the least of these, helping the poor, and what Your approach would be. If our approach is not inline with Your approach, may we realign the approach so that it follows in accordance with Yours. Thank You for giving me understanding and a brain to use the tools that have been given to me so that I could make a more informed decision. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

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