Sunday, April 14, 2013

StadiumFest Part 2

Aside from some lady claiming to be a Christian complaining about noise on the StadiumFest Facebook page (wah!!), tonight was awesome!! By the way, in defense of the event staff, Spain Park is the most centrally located venue in the Birmingham area. The Hoover mayor was there and Hoover police was there as well. And no noise ordinance laws were violated. So the woman complaining won't change anything. God still used the contemporary Christian "noise" as she called it in a "neighborhood."

She actually had the gall to assume I'd complain if a rap artist was in my "neighborhood." Nope. Because if I know about it as was the case with her knowing about StadiumFest, I have options. Stay home and complain or attend or make other plans.

StadiumFest is like the Christian version of Alabaster CityFest. Every year, CityFest diverts traffic and I can hear it if I go outside at my house. But rather than complain, I can either go or I can make other plans.

I'm laughing at the fact she has complained on their page and complained and argued on every post defending the event and praising God for what was done through this one channel!

Anyway, Britt Nicole was awesome. A little hot from the warm Alabama temperatures today but still awesome. I don't know many of her songs though, but she performed "Gold," of which Nickelodeon has been airing the video. Favorite line: "You're worth more than gold."

I wasn't very interested in the acts that followed although I did enjoy Crowder's performance of "I'll Fly Away."

Newsboys? I was up there close with the crowd! They did old favorites like "He Reigns" as well as new favorites like "God's Not Dead." They really rocked it!

And let me remind you that contemporary Christian music is just as much a channel for God's voice as grandma's old Southern gospel hymnal music. It happens to be more appealing to the younger audiences (guessing the 50 and under crowd although a much older man screamed louder than me!).

Anyway, I will actually do one more post to follow because I need to get some sleep so I can go to Sunday school and hopefully church in the morning!

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