Friday, March 11, 2011

God's Providence and Sovereignty in Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Solar Flares

I am at a loss over the idea of God's providence and sovereignty today. Not only because of a personal attack on my emotional health by someone I thought I could trust, but also because of the solar flares and the earthquakes in Japan and the tsunamis in Hawaii and California.

The timing of the solar flares and the earthquakes which caused the tsunamis is just too coincidental for anyone to ignore. We all learned in science that the tidal waves are affected by lunar phases. So how much impact can solar flares, which involve magnetic fields, have on earthquakes?

A lot of big words have been thrown out today to try to explain the earthquakes and the tsunamis, but those words do not help explain why they really occurred.

If by some chance the solar flares can be linked to the earthquakes, then it must by some great design out of that sovereignty of God that I have been learning about and wrestling so hard with trying to understand as more and more of my "onion heart" gets peeled away through mistakes and being open to whatever God is trying to do in my life right now. That is why things have been so tumultuous of late.

But what I wrestle with is understanding how to put that in the reach of those who have been personally affected. I have friends in Hawaii and friends and family in California. The last I heard from my friends in Hawaii via Facebook is that they were safe but still under warnings. I have no word to report from California yet. But I have had to stop watching the news because it is so worrisome for me.

How do I explain God's providence and sovereignty in all of this when I do not fully understand it myself?

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