Friday, May 17, 2013

Frenetic Friday

Okay. So I did the interview. No job. At least I tried and got practice. I wasn't exactly meshing with this particular one anyway. I'm not sure why. Not exactly. It may not even be on my end. Am I disappointed? Slightly. But I'm okay. It means I wasn't quite ready yet. I'm fine. 

On the medical front? Awaiting test results, follow up with the oncologist next week, and plan treatment approach. My white blood count is finally in normal range after SIX YEARS and now we're watching those IgGs and subclasses again to see if I can benefit from and we can persuade insurance to cover infusions. We knew it was coming. It may be the last option short of bone marrow biopsy. 

I miss Tom!! About right now, he's probably sleeping or about to wake up tomorrow because the other side of the globe is almost a whole day ahead of us! But now I know how Santa Claus does it all in one night!! I think? I will be jumping for joy when I hear him again! Seriously! One more week....

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