Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Churches vs Westboro

What distinguishes churches from Westboro?

1. The message. Churches don't go around spreading hatred. Churches share the Gospel. The Gospel is full of Good News about love and grace. 

2. Westboro has a site called God Hates the World. Clearly this contradicts the Bible in itself. John 3:16a-"For God so LOVED the world...."

3. In times of disasters, churches don't go around claiming they were punishment for sins. Even if they might believe that theologically. In times of disasters, churches are mobilizing partners and members to go in to provide relief. Westboro? They go in and protest asserting it was a "Godsmack" and telling people to repent.

4. For what it's worth, according to Westboro, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON IN THE BIBLE WILL GO TO HEAVEN. They disagree with anyone who doesn't believe exactly the way they believe, so according to them, God hates Christians. They protest Protestant Churches. Oh wait, did someone forget to tell them that just because the word "protest" is found in the word "Protestant," that that is not what being a Protestant means? 

Anyway, I want to send out a word of encouragement to all those who have suffered from the recent tornado outbreak. Having seen what happened in Alabama, I know this is something that will have long term impact. Oklahoma Strong. 

By the way, I secretly, now publicly, wish Westboro would be hit as I'd love to hear their justification and reason for it if they do. 

Dear friends and family, regardless of what Westboro says, stand strong.

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