Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Church as Compared to the Human Body

As long as there are imperfect human beings because of the fall, the church as a body will be as broken as the human body. But when you break your arm or your foot, you don't treat it as though it were not part of your body. You doctor it and baby it. You treat it with tender love and affection. Eventually it heals and you go through therapy to strengthen it. When members of the body hurt and are wounded, you don't ignore them and throw them out with yesterday's bath water. You help them, you teach them, you work with them, you grow them, you shape them. You don't cut them off. I Corinthians 12 talks about the body. Casting Crowns even has a song called "We Are the Body." The body is broken but that is the beauty of it! Because all the broken pieces come together and work with what each has to offer and it eventually heals each other over time until the day comes that everything about the body can be made whole again.

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