Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Week Challenge

My pastor put some of us to the task this week and I think I may be taking him up on it, but before I do, I wanted to flesh out a question to ponder. How exactly is there a gospel message in some of the U2 songs? As a preteen, I did not get much exposure to the group's music. Certainly got little to no exposure to them as a teen. I attended a private school based at a church that very much could qualify as legalistic. So when I had more exposure in college, I initially thought "Hmmm...another group singing about mushy love topics." My pastor is a fanatic when it comes to U2. Then again, he is a fanatic about Les Mis, Narnia, Tolkein (enh...aren't we all fanatics about something at some point? Me: TobyMac, Rebecca St. James and apparently Superchick seeing how I can identify a Superchick song on television shows now, and Julie Andrews; my aunt: Elvis). Fanatic is actually a good term. So of course, as a result, my exposure has been heavier. And I'm struggling to see and hear the gospel in a lot of their music. BUT...I will take my pastor's task to heart and come back on here with the results. Soon as I feel better. For now, I have to take some medicine and rest since I got a vaccine yesterday and am not feeling very well today. By the way, nothing but love here right now. Nothing but love.

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