Saturday, April 9, 2011

Looking for Theology in the Seemingly Mundane Challenge Called Life

Immediate question I anticipate is say what? So I'll back the train up.

Conflict, peace, politics, diet, exercise, nature, films, music, literature, transportation. Everything has theology to be found in it.


Did you ever wonder why conflict happens? While in the midst of it, you struggle to resolve it, but sometimes you struggle so hard you miss the fact that maybe that conflict is meant to grow you and the other person or people. Peace. It's not hard to see theology in times of peace. I'm not going to go into politics. Let's keep this peaceful. Diet. Some people, like myself, have to go on special diets - allergen free, etc. It must be by God's design. Exercise. Put an exercise bike outside and just look around as you pedal. Nature. God designed that giant rose just as He designed the dog or the human body. They're very intricate. Films, music and literature. Think about it. The pastor who can effectively utilize the fine arts in his sermons has found the theology in them. Transportation. Yeah. I don't know where that bus was heading. I think it just headed for disaster.

I still have a lot to learn. We all do.

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