Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contemporary Christian Music, a.k.a., Ay Ay Ay! Apparently Confusion Runs Amok Even in "Christian" Circles.

My head is spinning right now. I decided to Google the lyrics of "One World" sung by TobyMac. Little did I know that right on page one of the results would I find a blog post asserting that TobyMac and DCTalk "sing the devil's music in the name of Jesus." ?????!!!!!????? Yep! So I looked because I was curious. Yeah. The writer of that post, well, let's just say that from what I have been taught, there is NO passage of Scripture that says that a Christian can't use the rhythm and style of hip hop, rap, country, rock, etc. to glorify God and spread the message of the Gospel. Is there really a such thing as "the devil's music?" Can't prove it by me. What makes music right or wrong when it comes to the controversy of that old and stiff Southern Gospel (no offense, I'm only 33 and most of the Southern Gospel was written BEFORE I was born) and CCM?

Music, in itself, is not good or bad. God created us to sing and dance for Him. Rap is not good or bad. Where you have to ask about the quality is what is the message? IF a Christian is using his words to glorify God, encourage others, edify the church and speak the truth in love, then regardless of the music style, it is good. However, if the lyrics tear people down (race and gender included), curse God, and promote violence and hatred, then it is bad. It's not the music; it's the lyrics. So, here's my stance: Give me my TobyMac music. His music, his lyrics have helped me through some tough times of late. Between him and Casting Crowns and Tenth Avenue North, I have been able to find God. Am I where I want to be yet? No. But I thank God that there have been some people whose music has reached through my bubble and brought me back up for air.

On another note, the aforementioned post writer has apparently been a subject of controversy over some things he has apparently done. And, well, he has no way to contact him as he claims he has health issues such to the extent that he cannot read or answer e-mails. Hmmm.... No offense, but sounds fishy to me.

Secretly I kind of hope that TobyMac sues that man for defamation. Basically calling Toby the devil. Really?

Okay, I am going to go sleep over my topic of my first piece of writing that is not going to be written for publication. I might blog about what I learn along the way. God's great name/names of God. I can start it officially after the Gluten Free Expo this Saturday. Praying for good weather, more volunteers and that plenty of doctors and nurses attend.

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