Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Day the World Went Silent

This world is not set up for nonverbal people. Look around. How many people are talking on their cell phones or in conversation with someone? When you go to eat somewhere, you place your order using verbal communication. When you use the phone, it's verbal communication. For a nonverbal person, they have to try to rely on sign language, written communication, technological communication devices (also called augmentive communication, iPads, iPhones, etc.), or others to communicate needs and wants. 

Well, I feel a little like Carly Fleischmann and Elizabeth Bonker and all the other nonverbal high functioning people with autism. I am trapped inside of my own body with a voice to get out. I have laryngitis. Really bad. I don't need the doctor to tell me that but rather to tell me why and treat it. 

We all have a voice. We just use it differently. Will you listen? 

I feel I finished enough Stop! Look! And LISTEN! videos on YouTube for now. Go view them at TheSes31 channel if you want personal insight into autism.

But here's the thing, I decided my job is missionary, local, doing puppets and helping churches build special needs ministries. I will be launching a letter writing campaign to start with local churches and share with them about how autism impacts the church. I am hoping to try to partner with other organizations along the way. 

Pray for me. Physical healing. Pray for my family. Financial situation and god's provision for that. Pray for my friend Tom. He has a lot going on! And hopefully, we will survive. 

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