Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Heartless "Conservatives" in Congress

So your idea is to take away the right of millions who are considered disabled under the ADA to have equal access to the same affordable healthcare everyone else gets as GRANTED under the ADA? Insurance companies are illegally discriminating against people who actually do need the system! I got lucky. I am underinsured, but I have no chance at getting more comprehensive coverage without the ACA because I now have pre-existing conditions. Go back and read re ADA.

What do you have against millions of people being able to rest comfortably knowing that they will not arbitrarily lose their insurance just because they get sick again?

Really? You Conservative Republicans claim to be Christians yet you don't care one iota about those whom Jesus calls the least of these?!? That makes me sick. You say socialism has no place in America and you define socialism as care for the least of these. Jesus was a socialist by your definition and you are saying there is no room for Jesus in America.

For once, a law, the ACA, was enacted to make it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against people who have pre-existing conditions, yet in your ignorance you still insist that you want to destroy the hopes and dreams of many Americans who are trying to get insurance but can't because they have a condition. Wow. So heartless!

You want me to lose my insurance, lose my access to affordable healthcare, lose my ability to get well and to stay well, lose my possibility of ever working because I'm too sick, lose my home and transportation and family and friends? Why? Because you forgot who you work for and are too interested in protecting the rich who only want to commit fraud against the tax system and line your pockets so you can commit the same fraud and abuse of people who are in fact the least of these.

Dear Conservatives, if you are Christians, go back and read Matthew 25. Because of Matthew 25, I am no longer a Republican and can no longer vote Republican. I apparently became too progressive to be considered conservative and I'm sorry I also happen to believe in socialism because Jesus was a socialist based on your definition. Whatever the case, stop threatening my livelihood and my health! I have just as much right to exist as anyone else. I come from a long line of veterans who fought in every war since this country was still in its foundational days. And my ancestors didn't fight so that some heartless jerks could destroy the least of these because of their selfish desires. After all, Jesus said render to Caesar what is owed to Caesar and that meant that the more you made, the more you owed. Sincerely, Me

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