Saturday, May 7, 2011

Looking Out From Behind the Camera and a Great Loss of Words

I got my photos from Wednesday, May 4, 2011 printed. Let's just say, many are sobering. If you haven't seen them, but would like to I have two ways that you can do so now. The first is via my public Facebook album: The second is through: which will let you order print copies of any that you might like.

As I looked through the photos, I became more aware of the monster that ripped through Alabama that fateful day, April 27, 2011. It was a monster beyond compare. A monster that even Hollywood, with all its doodads and gizmowhooties cannot reproduce.

So now this is my heart's cry.

I know not what to say. 
I know not what to do. 
All I think is why'd it happen to you?
I know not how to respond. 
I know not what's best for you. 
All I ask is why you and not me, too?
I wish I knew the words. 
I wish I knew the deeds. 
I wish I knew indeed how best to reach to you.
My heart aches inside as I wonder why. 
My heart yields a loud screaming cry.
Why God why?
What lesson is there in this moment?
What lesson are we to learn?
How and why?
Hear the cry.
Hear the roar.
Hear the scream.
Reach out and comfort.
Comfort those in need.
Heal us.
Heal us all.
That's all I know to say.
That's all I know to do.

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