Sunday, January 10, 2016

Creative Writing - That One

This is inspired by something I saw about the gun control measures the president decided to take action on. It was apparently said, "Why bother enacting anything if we cannot save them all?" So now I am wondering what would have happened if Jesus and His Father had a similar conversation? 

God: Son, I need you to go down to earth on a mission. You will be born as a baby. You will live to age 33. You will go around preaching my words and then you will be crucified on a cross. 

Jesus: But dad, why?

God: Because I want to save some of the people down there. I have compassion for them and I want to love them and have fellowship with them. But I cannot stand what they have become of late. They ridicule the poor, they leave the sick to die, and they starve the hungry. They are not doing what I have commanded them to do. 

Jesus: Some? Not all? But dad, if I cannot save them all, why bother trying?

God: Because Son, even if you manage to only get through to one and I can only save one, that is still one who will be saved. If you don't go, that one will be lost forever.

Jesus: Okay, dad, you're right. Is not that one worth more than a thousand if that one might go on to help do even greater things? Maybe that one that I help will turn around and help a thousand more.

God: Now you're thinking! Oh, and Son?

Jesus: Yes, dad?

God: I love You. 

All for that one. Jesus came for that one. God sent His Son for that one. 

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